Grouting between tiles

Ceramic tile is a material with excellent moisture resistance. Therefore, it is actively used in the repair of bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms with high humidity. But keep in mind that tile cladding always has many seams. They must also be protected from moisture. How to do it? There is a special grouting technology for this.

Preparation for the main work

Prior to grouting, prepare the work surface. Preparation involves removing excess tile adhesive, removing the dividers that the master used to align the rows. The front surface of the tile must be cleaned of dirt using a moistened and well-wrung sponge. The grout itself is started after the washed lining has dried completely.

Tile grouting

When buying a grout, the owner should especially carefully choose the shade. The lighter it is, the seams will already seem. But at the same time light grout accumulates pollution much more intensively, it is harder to wash it. You can cook the grout using the instructions that appear on the pack with this composition.

Immediately after preparation, the seams are treated with a solution until it is dry.

It is better to use a rubber spatula for this. They grout first imposed on the seam, then compacted. Fill the gaps "to the stop." Do not leave cavities. When the seams are filled, the filler will remain aligned. To do this, use either a sponge or a specially designed trowel.

Just do not need to smooth the grout with your finger. At least if you have to work without gloves. Otherwise, you can get a burn, because some types of grouts are very aggressive.

Completion of repairs

The grout will gain strength in about a day.

After this, the surface must be washed from contaminants and residues that have fallen on the front surface of the tile. This can be done with a wet rag. Immediately after washing, the tile is additionally wiped with a dry soft sponge so that no wet traces remain on it.

The described procedure is, in fact, quite simple. The owner will probably be able to implement it competently on his own. Full sealing of the joints is a guarantee that mold will not appear under the tiles. In addition, due to the properly selected grout, it will be possible to seriously improve the aesthetic capabilities of the finish.