Omelet in a mug in the microwave - a quick, healthy and tasty breakfast

A microwave greatly simplifies the life of housewives, saves time, and allows you to create interesting dishes. So, to make an omelet, it will take two minutes, and at the same time you do not have to wash the pan and plate. Today for breakfast there will be an omelet in a mug in the microwave. Everything will turn out quickly, tasty and unusual. The first time, of course, you will have to observe the process so as not to overexpose, but subsequently the participation of the hostess will be minimized. Be sure to try, and you will cook such a dish more than once.


  • egg 1 pc.

  • ham 30 g

  • butter 5 g.

  • Russian hard cheese 30 g

  • tomato 1 pc.

  • salt, a mixture of dried tomatoes and herbs of Provence.

How to prepare a healthy and quick breakfast

Prepare everything you need. Put the butter in a microwave-safe mug. Put in the oven for a couple of seconds, so that it melts.

Pour tomatoes into small pieces.


And ham.

Break an egg.

Season with salt and herbs.

Stir with a fork. Content should not occupy more than two-thirds of the volume of the circle.

Put in the microwave at maximum power, here it is 800 watts, for one minute.

But take out and stir every 20 seconds so that the omelet in the cup warms up evenly.

As soon as the egg begins to bake, and when mixing lumps appear, reduce the power to 500 W and cook for another half minute. At the same time, follow through the viewing window so that the omelet does not "run away" from the mug. If anything, immediately turn it off and continue after a short pause.

When the mass becomes dense, the omelet in the mug in the microwave is ready. It is necessary to look closely and in no case overexposure, otherwise the microwave oven will have to be washed.

Serve hot directly in the dish in which they were cooked. Garnish with greens.