8 extremely useful life hacks with cling film

Around us there are objects and materials that can be used not quite for their intended purpose. Possessing these tricks can greatly facilitate and simplify your life. For example, take a cling film. It is usually used only for wrapping foods so that their surface does not ventilate. Also, as a maximum, plates of food are wrapped around it to preserve the freshness of the dish. Today I will show you eight, not quite standard, but very useful ways to apply food wrap.

We extend the shelf life of bananas

To protect bananas from rotting as much as possible, thereby extending their shelf life, it is enough to wrap their tail with a piece of film.

We protect the smartphone

If you are afraid to stain your smartphone while cooking or eating food, then simply wrap it with a layer of cling film and use your health.

And how it all ends, then the film can simply be removed and discarded. Also, this method of protection protects the smartphone from moisture and can be used in the bathroom.

Do not stain dishes

No desire to wash the dishes? Nothing is simpler: wrap the plate with foil.

And after they ate, just take it off and throw it in the bin.

Glass shedding

Want to enjoy a drink on the go? - Wrap the glass with foil and insert a cocktail tube into it.

Such a glass will not spill even if it tips over to one side.

Packaging for small items

So that small objects do not get lost and do not crumble along the bag, just wrap them in film.

In such a neat briquette, they will feel great.

The bottle will no longer open

To prevent the bottles with shampoo or gel from accidentally opening in the bag, wrap the neck with foil and screw the cap in place.

Now there will be no leakage. This method can also be used when the cap is leaking.

Protection for jewelry

If you are afraid for your jewelry during transportation, then simply wrap them with cling film.

In this position, they will not get entangled or scratched.

Shoe packaging

Just throwing used shoes into your bag is not quite aesthetically pleasing, even if they are clean.

To pack it - wrap it with foil. So you can put it anywhere.

Now everything without fear can be folded into one bag. And neither jewelry, nor cosmetics, nor shoes will interfere with each other.

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