11 Ways to Use Aluminum Foil

For most people, aluminum foil is just a tool for baking meat and fish, sometimes it is also glued to the windows so that the room is less overheated in the sun. However, for such valuable material, the scope of use is very modest. What else can be done with foil and ingenuity?

1. Light reflector for indoor plants

The plant on the windowsill does not always receive enough light, which is why it grows poorly. The situation can be corrected by putting concentrating light in the reflector. You need to take any cardboard box of sufficient size to fit a pot with a plant. She should cut off the top and one long side.

Inside, the cut box must be glued with foil. Having put a pot with a plant in it, you should install the box on the windowsill with the side without a sidewall on the street. Now the light entering the reflector will focus on the plant.

2. Finger battery

It is quite possible to use various electronics on batteries even in the absence of a sufficient number of batteries, the main thing is to close the circuit. The air conditioning remote control is no exception. If only one battery is available, although two are needed for it, this can be compensated for with foil. By folding it with a tube, you can build a cylinder, and insert it into the remote instead of the missing battery. After that, it will turn on, but of course it will discharge 2 times faster.

3. Improvised funnel for filling bottles

In the absence of a funnel, pouring water or other liquid with a large capacity into a small bottle is difficult. This will not be a problem if you roll a small piece of foil into a cone. An impromptu disposable funnel is quite up to the task.

4. Fried eggs on foil

In an old skillet with a corrugated bottom, it can be difficult to cook an egg, because it sticks to the protrusions and indentations, which makes it difficult to turn over. Such cooking attempts can spoil the fried eggs and greatly stain the pan.

If you put a sheet of aluminum foil in a clean and dry frying pan, making it false, and top it with vegetable oil, you can cook scrambled eggs on a flat surface. The foil is flat, and due to its small thickness it warms up evenly, so the fried eggs on it do not fall apart when frying. In addition, the pan itself will remain clean.

5. Extension of the shelf life of bananas

Having bought bananas with a margin, you can not have time to eat them, because they will deteriorate. If you tightly wrap the fruit tails with foil, you can prevent moisture loss from the peel, thereby extending the shelf life by several days.

6. Modernization of warm gloves for using a touch phone

There are situations when you have to use a smartphone with gloves in the cold, but naturally the touchscreen does not accept touching the fabric. If you wrap the fingertips in gloves with foil, the control works even through the fabric.

7. Machine wash with aluminum balls

A washing machine can not always cope with severe pollution. To improve the effect of washing in the drum, along with dirty clothes, you can put a few dense balls of foil. They will rub against the fabric, helping to wash away stains. Periodically, the balls must be changed so that the softened foil does not tear and does not harm the drain pump.

8. Fast sharpening scissors

If the scissors are no longer cut, you need to roll a sheet of aluminum foil in several layers. For medium-sized scissors, 4 bends are enough.

By cutting the foil with blunt scissors into thin strips, you can sharpen them a little. This is a very fast and effective way to restore the sharpness in just a few minutes.

9. Scraper for cleaning the pan

It is difficult to clean corrugated pans even with a brush, because it does not penetrate into all the recesses. For foil, a complex surface is not a problem. It is necessary to make a ball out of it and scrape off the inner soot with it. Of course, this is not entirely easy and fast, but effective.

10. Homemade stylus for smartphone

Thin work on the screen of a phone or tablet with your fingers is difficult. It’s much easier to control the stylus. It can be done by wrapping a piece of foil on the tip of an ordinary ballpoint pen, pencil or even a stick.

11. Quick ironing on both sides

If you put aluminum foil on an ironing board under clothes, then when ironing, folds will be straightened on both sides. Above the fabric heats the iron, and from below the temperature is concentrated by the foil. In this way, you can iron not only thin shirts, but also tight pants at a time.

Many of the proposed methods for using aluminum foil can really come in handy and help out. It is better to ensure that the roll of foil is always in the house, and if improvised, it can be applied in other situations.