How to sharpen a Gillette machine

Those of us who shave daily with Gillette type machines are well aware of how much one razor cartridge for this fiery costs. And the point here is probably not even in the manufacturer’s brand. Any multi-blade machine is quite expensive, and does not last as long as we would like.

Searching the Internet for ways to extend the life of a razor cartridge, I came across an article on the simple sharpening of any machine tool on denim. I liked the method, although the comments under the article were quite contradictory. Some said to the author of the article many thanks, others shouted that this was nonsense and nothing helped.

I decided on my own example to check the method of sharpening the machine and back up my result with photographs taken on a USB microscope.

Will need

So, all we need is a piece of denim folded in half.

Well, and accordingly a flat surface, such as a table.

Sharpen a dull razor

Sharpening a machine is not a tricky thing, as they say - even a child can handle it. We put the fabric, put the machine on it and carry it from the bottom up.

Raise the machine, take it down, lower it and repeat the operation 80-100 times. This happens pretty quickly, a lot of time will not go away.

Now consider everything in detail. Here is the first shot under a microscope of a blunt machine before sharpening.

As can be seen from the picture, the edges of the blades have an uneven and torn cutting surface. As if they were corroded.

We make about 30-40 movements on the denim and again look at the result under the microscope.

And we see a concrete improvement. The blades not only cleared and glistened, but the cutting edge changed noticeably and became almost flat.

Further, after the next 40-50 movements, the result exceeded all expectations. The edge of the blades is completely leveled and almost in its original state. What this photo testifies to:


My conclusion is this: yes, the method certainly works and helps bring the razor back to life for another period of at least. Personally, when I shaved with the restored machine, I did not notice the difference with the new cartridge, which means that everything works as it should.

So friends, take on arms and use. If for some reason nothing happened - it's okay, because you were still going to throw this machine away. And spent 10-15 minutes on all procedures are worthless.

In general, this method will save just the space amount in your budget! Go for it!