How to bleach tile seams and get rid of mold for a long time

Very effective, and most importantly a simple way to whiten the seams between the tiles anywhere: at least in the bathroom, on the toilet or somewhere else. The method not only makes the seams snow-white, removes the entire fungus, but also protects it from appearing for a long time.

You will not need much effort in whitening, in fact, like heaps of time for all procedures, but you still have to try.

The main advantage of this method is its low cost and availability, which in our time is quite relevant.

Will need

We need only one component - this is lime. It can be easily purchased in stores for summer residents. You will also need mixing utensils and an old toothbrush.

And it is necessary to protect: rubber gloves and glasses. I advise you in no case to neglect these means.

Bleach the seams between the tiles

The first step is to prepare a solution. To do this, pour lime with water, the reaction proceeds with the release of heat, use appropriate utensils. Stir and make the consistency of liquid sour cream.

Now dipping a toothbrush into the solution, apply lime to the joints between the tiles.

We process all the necessary area.

After processing, leave for 30 minutes. At this time, the entire applied mixture will dry.

We remove the applied lime with a wet rag, often wetting it with it. It is not recommended to rub the seams themselves with this procedure.

After drying, white traces may appear, for this it is necessary to walk again with a wet rag but it.

Slaked lime protects against re-formation of fungus. Especially in those places where the tile does not get wet. In the shower room, where almost daily wetting of the seams takes place, the effect lasts about 2-3 months. Then cleaning and bleaching can be repeated.

PS: If you still have a problem with finding lime, then you can use any disinfectant to clean the plumbing. In some cases, it may even be more effective; everything will depend on the composition of the product.