DIY Mini DVB-T2 Antenna

If you live in a city, then you do not have to have a large and bulky TV antenna, especially throw it on the roof and pull the cable. Digital television channels of the DVB-T2 standard can be perfectly received also at indoor, since the power of the transmitting towers is quite enough for reliable reception. I’ll show you how to make a miniature Biquadrat home antenna in 15 minutes. I also call it the Kharchenko antenna. This master class will save you from buying expensive Chinese counterparts.

Typically, the calculation of such structures is carried out at 1/4 wavelength. Such an antenna will accept all channels well, even outside the city at a considerable distance, but at home (in the city) its dimensions may seem a little large. And actually such a sensitivity will be nothing. You can halve all sizes and take 1/8 of the wavelength as a calculation. The current antenna will be very tiny, but with sufficient sensitivity.

Will need

  • A single-core wire of 2.5 sq. Mm - one meter is enough with a margin.

  • A pair of caps from plastic bottles.

  • Antenna jack and cable for it and a TV.

    Making a miniature digital television home antenna

    The antenna circuit itself. This is perhaps the simplest and most common option, and we will make it even smaller.

    We take the wire and without removing the insulation, bend two identical squares with sides of 67 mm with pliers.

    We solder the connected ends and clean off a little isolation from the middle and tin.

    Then, on small wires solder the socket. In the cover with a clerical knife, we will make cuts under the shoulders of the vibrators.

    Fill everything with hot glue.

    In the second cover, we drill a hole for the socket and also glue it with hot glue. We connect the lids and solder them with a soldering iron so that it is one piece. The antenna is ready.

    Everything fits in the palm of your hand, therefore, there should be no problems with the question “Where to place it?”

    Work result

    We connect and direct to the tower.

    I will compare the antenna with the same one, only full-sized at 1/4 wavelength.

    The level sensor will be a Chinese set-top box for receiving digital television.


    • The classic Kharchenko antenna is 1/4 wavelength, the prefix gave out - 40% sensitivity.

    • Our reduced version of 1/8 wavelength is 22% .

    • And for comparison, we’ll stick a regular piece of wire - 1% .

    Conclusion: When reducing the size by half, the sensitivity also dropped by about the same amount. But, as you can see from the results, it is not necessary to compare with a piece of wire.

    At home, the antenna proved to be excellent. All channels are caught and received steadily, as well as the full-sized version. I recommend for repetition.