How to easily separate magnets from the metal substrate of a hard drive

Anyone who has taken apart a computer’s hard drive at least once knows that it has a pair of excellent and strong neodymium magnets. They are very good to use for their various homemade products. But the fact is that these magnets are firmly glued to a piece of metal. And just to tear them does not work. Usually they break when separated. But there is one secret that will help you in extracting them.

Will need

You need to get two large universal adjustable wrenches. The bigger, the better. Since with the help of them it will be necessary to create a great effort at a break. Accordingly, the lever is of direct importance.

Separate neodymium magnets from a metal substrate

We clamp the ends of the metal substrate with the keys without touching the magnet itself. It is not glued to the entire surface, but the metal protrudes along the edges, so we take it.

Then with effort we bring the keys to each other, thereby bending the metal of the substrate.

Now you can easily unfasten a neodymium magnet.

Very powerful instances, perfect for my crafts. I have accumulated a lot of old and broken hard drives, so I decided to disassemble them and use the necessary details.