How to refill a scythe in a mowing head of a motokosa

When caring for the site, you have to periodically mow the overgrown grass, which is convenient to do with a brushcutter or trimmer. However, before work, you need to put the fishing line on the mowing head, which is difficult if you do not know how to do it correctly.

Head disassembly

The first step is to disassemble the mowing head. For convenience, it can be removed from the braid. Externally, the head consists of two parts connected by two latches on the sides. They just need to be pressed and the design is disconnected.

As a result, the head is disassembled into 3 parts: a base with a spring, a coil and a cover.

To win the lace you need to take a reel. It often has inscriptions with information about what diameter the fishing line can be put on.

Double line winding

Usually the coil is divided lengthwise into 2 parts by a running partition. You need to take the fishing line from the skein and wind it in one half in order to measure the capacity with the selected cord diameter. You need to wind so much that the lace does not protrude. As soon as half is full, you need to wind the line back, remembering the used footage. You should cut the cord exactly 2 times longer than fit on the half of the coil.

It is necessary to bend the fishing line in half so that one half is 15 cm longer than the second.

Now you can wind the double cord in the direction indicated by the arrow on the reel.

Each end of the fishing line lies on its gutter, the loop is fixed on a hook in the center.

Having reached the end, you need to fix the ends of the fishing line in special opposite cutouts on the side of the reel. Since one of them is longer, the free tails on the output are almost the same.

Now you need to insert the coil into the base with a spring. In this case, the ends of the fishing line are threaded into the holes in the mowing head. They are pulled to release from the capture of slots on the coil. After putting the lid and the head is ready for use.

Installation of two lines

Certain types of coils have two eyes, which allows you to fix 2 fishing lines, and not one double. To do this, the plastic cord at the edge is bent to get a hook.

The hooks of the lines are inserted into the fixing hole on the reel. The following is a simple winding in the direction of the arrow. In the end, everything is assembled in the usual way.

If you know how, then putting a fishing line is not difficult. When this is done only intuitively, it can be transported for a very long time catching the naughty ends of the fishing line, tending to unwind until the reel locks into place in the head.