Valve replacement in 20 seconds without removing the wheel

A tubeless tube can bleed air through a valve, the rubber of which over time becomes covered with through cracks. Usually having such a problem, you need to go to the tire fitting or to disassemble the wheel yourself to insert a new valve on the inside of the disk.

In fact, if you make a couple of devices, you can change the nipple in literally 20 seconds, without removing the tire.

Required Tools

To work, you need to make 3 tools:

  • conical tube;

  • hook with handle;

  • pusher.

The conical tube is made of sheet steel. Its segment is wrapped in a cone so that the smaller diameter corresponds to the hole in the disk for installing the nipple, and the large diameter slightly exceeds the cross section of the valve base. The outer seam of a cone twisted from a sheet of sheet is strengthened by welding.

The hook is made of thin steel bar. Outwardly, it resembles an ordinary screwdriver, but with a curved end. It must be equipped with a handle for convenient and safe operation.

The pusher is made in the same way as the hook, but at its end you need to solder the metal cap for the valve. You can simply take a tube of a suitable diameter and cut the internal thread in it so that it is screwed onto the nipple. This tool must also have a handle.

Additionally, liquid soap is required. In order not to carry the whole bottle, you can put it into a medical syringe.

Valve replacement

First you need to park the machine so that the valve is at the bottom. The hook is used first, the end of which needs to be greased with liquid soap.

The tool is inserted into the valve base on the disk, and due to lubrication, when pressed, penetrates the wheel. Clinging to the base of the nipple should be removed.

Now you need to remove the cap from the new valve and screw the pusher instead. Soap lubricates the hole on the disk, the base of the valve and the inner surface of the cone tube.

Next, you need to put a new valve in the cone, the result is a kind of syringe.

It is better to wrap the handle of the pusher with a cloth so as not to damage the hand. The base of the cone is attached to the hole in the disc. Pressing on the pusher you need to push the nipple, squeezing it until it comes out of the cone, going into the seat hole of the disk, which will be accompanied by a characteristic click of the straightened rubber.

Next, pull the nipple back swinging from side to side so that the groove on it clearly fits into the hole.

Installation is complete. Now the wheel can be inflated and continue to operate the car.

This is a very simple convenient way, of course forcing you to tinker a bit with the manufacture of tools. If you do not mind the money, then all three devices can be bought in the car shop. When working in winter, it will not be superfluous to hold the valve a little in warm water in order to return the rubber to softness, and while it is warm, carry out the replacement.

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