Bending stamp for a homemade press from a jack

For smooth, accurate bending of metal workpieces, a bending press is required. This is expensive equipment, the purchase of which is only suitable for professional activities. To solve amateur tasks, the press can be made with your own hands. However, besides him, you need to prepare a special stamp.

Materials for the manufacture of the stamp:

  • profile pipe;

  • corner 30x30x4 mm;

  • strip 10x60 mm or thicker.

  • tubes;

  • 2 pressure springs

Making a bending stamp

For the manufacture of the base of the stamp, 2 profile pipes must be welded together. They are set in one plane and boil well. The formed seams are ground.

To get a 90 degree bending die matrix, you need to weld along 2 corners. The seam should be done at the ends and the formed outer corner, so that then it does not interfere with the workpieces to bend properly. Next, the die matrices are welded to the support platform from the profile. It is important that the length of the corners is shorter by a few centimeters on each side of the edges of the site of the profile pipe.

A powerful strip is used to make a punch that presses the workpiece into the die. Her working rib needs to be sharpened. Sharpening should not have a sharp cutting edge capable of cutting into metal.

Tubes are welded to the ends of the punch. Then guide tubes of smaller diameter are started in them, which are welded standing to the lower supporting platform of the press.

After welding, the punch is removed, and springs are placed on the guide tubes. They will allow each time not to separate the parts of the stamp to insert between them blanks.

Paint with spray paint.

To load the stamp, you need to weld the frame of the press from a strong profile pipe. The frame has a sliding bar with lateral antennae that do not allow it to move. For its squeezing, a car jack is used. Bottom it is mounted on

the crossbar, and on top it rests against the frame, reinforced by a section of the plate. From the moving bar down the rod moves away. In order to raise the crossbar when the pressure in the jack rises, it must be suspended by 2 springs.

Putting the stamp on the press, and holding the workpiece between the die and the punch, squeeze the jack. He presses the stamp and bends the workpiece. Such a stamp, in the presence of a strong frame with a good jack, is quite capable of bending steel plates 6 mm thick without their preliminary heating.