A simple recipe for delicious homemade sausage

Real sausage is made from meat. Do not believe? Then let's cook it with our own hands according to a very simple and clear recipe, without special equipment and professional skills.

  • Cooking time: 3 days.

  • Quantity: 4 loaves of 300 g each.

Essential Ingredients

To make tasty sausage yourself at home, you need only a few components:

  • pork neck - 1.5 kg;

  • fresh garlic - 2 cloves;

  • bay leaf - 1 large or 2 small;

  • table salt - 30 g (per 1 kg of pork requires 20 g of salt);

  • spices optionally (black pepper, coriander).

Necessary equipment

If you are making sausage for the first time, and you think that it is very difficult, you are mistaken. To prepare it, you need the simplest equipment:

  • wooden board for cutting meat;

  • large sharp knife;

  • a bowl of at least 2 liters;

  • cling film;

  • sleeve for baking;

  • blender (or meat grinder);

  • scissors;

  • small pan;

  • a baking sheet;

  • aluminium foil.

Step-by-step cooking process

When choosing meat for homemade sausage, it is better to take not a lean piece, but with fatty layers. Then it will come out juicy and delicious. Before cooking, the meat is washed well under cold water and dried. After cut into plates with a thickness of 1 cm.

Each plate is cut into thin strips. Moreover, we will not cut the strips into cubes in the future. Leave it in that form. During the molding of sausages, they will be intertwined with each other, giving a characteristic pattern.

When all the meat is cut into strips, it is put in a bowl for pickling. To do this, measure the salt and spices, as well as finely chop the garlic. So that he gives all his aroma to meat, it is crushed with the flat side of a knife, and then crushed.

All components of the marinade, including bay leaf, are distributed on top by meat cutting. Knead thoroughly with your hands until the salt and spices are distributed throughout the entire volume.

The bowl is covered with cling film and put in the fridge to pickle. If time allows, then for this procedure it is better to take about two days. If there is not so much time, then 12 hours is enough.

After removing the film from the bowl, the meat is mixed again. At the same time, parts of the bay leaf are taken out. They should not get into the sausage when molding. The third part of the meat is separated, transferred to a blender or meat grinder and chopped. After added to the meat and mix well. The combination of strips and minced meat will allow you to achieve a uniform dense texture.

Forcemeat mixed to a homogeneous state is visually divided into 4 parts. A loaf is formed from each. Simply making sausage minced meat is not enough. Each part must be beaten off the board, spanked with your palms to compress all the pieces and expel the air bubbles.

As a shell, you need a regular baking sleeve. It is cut to the size of the loaves with an allowance for twisting. You should get 4 pieces with a length of 20 - 25 cm. The ties can be cut from the same sleeve.

A spanked loaf is placed in a section of the baking sleeve. Place it on one side, moving the palms with an edge so that the workpiece fits snugly against the polyethylene. Fold in the form of candy, tightly knotted ends.

When all the loaves are tightly packed in a baking sleeve, the blanks are again put in the refrigerator. They should continue the fermentation process for another 24 hours.

There are several ways to cook sausages: cook or bake in the oven. It is better to try two ways, as the taste is slightly different. Prepare the semi-finished product for two and a half hours at a low temperature (not higher than 80 degrees).

When the cooking time has come to an end, you need to prepare a container of ice water. As soon as the sausage is taken out of the oven or hot (brought to a boil, but not boiling) water, it is immediately dipped into the water. So the heat treatment process quickly ends, and the sausage acquires not a gray, but a beautiful pink color.

When the loaves have cooled in water, they remove the PVC film from them, put them on a plate and put in the refrigerator for several hours until completely condensed. After cut with a sharp knife and served to the table.