Home-made sausages without shell - freakandels

Beef sausages, visually resembling a cigar and without a shell, are a Belgian national dish. The composition of the meatballs is similar to our cutlets, but with some features. Very similar to chevapchichi, but I personally like the taste a lot more.

Long sausages hold their shape well and can easily be fried on a grill or pan, after which freakandels are poured with red wine and a little stewed over low heat.

Will need

Ingredients for 13-14 pcs. fringelles:

  • a) ground beef - 500 g,

  • b) onion - 90 g,

  • c) garlic - 3 cloves,

  • g) nutmeg - 1 g,

  • e) coriander - 3 g,

  • e) breadcrumbs - 60 g,

  • g) parsley - half a bunch,

  • h) red wine - 40 ml.

Step-by-step recipe for cooking home-made sausage without shell

Cooking will take one and a half hours (taking into account the 1 hour required for the maturation of minced meat):

1. To make the minced meat more homogeneous, pass it again through a meat grinder along with onions and garlic.

2. Parsley finely chopped.

3. Fill minced meat, crackers, greens, coriander in a convenient mixing bowl and grate nutmeg. Stir and salt the composition.

4. Now the minced meat needs to be beaten off 10 times, lifting it up and slapping it against the bottom of the bowl with force. Give minced meat 1 hour to ripen in a cool place.

5. Put on a meat grinder a special nozzle and squeeze out a sausage the size of a cigar. Instead of a nozzle, you can use a pastry bag.

6. Place beef sausages on a film-wrapped board. For half an hour send the workpieces to the freezer - in a frozen state they better keep their shape when frying.

7. In a mixture of butter and vegetable oils, fry the freakandels from 2 sides. Then pour them half the rate of wine and simmer until it evaporates. For the next batch of homemade sausages, wash the pan and repeat the procedure.

And now, juicy and fragrant freakandels or home-made sausages without a shell are ready. It remains to pour them with hot sauce or tender sour cream (optional) and serve. Try it, bon appetit!

Fried meat tubes will not leave anyone indifferent at your table!