How to install an outlet if there are short wires

Over time, in Soviet homes, sooner or later, it is necessary to change the sockets. They are shaky, modern euro plugs do not climb into them, there are other reasons. The wiring in the old buildings of the Soviet Union is made of aluminum. The aluminum single-core wire is quite fragile, and if it also warmed up at the connection points, then when you turn off the old outlet, it will definitely break off.

As, in fact, happened in my example. For a long time, the wires were heated due to a weakened contact, so that the insulation was already melted. Now small bits stick out from the wall, in the socket, and you just can’t install a new outlet. This problem is quite common, especially during repairs. There is nothing terrible here, and, in principle, everything is easily fixable.

Will need

  • Shrink tube (preferably a set with different diameters).

  • Two WAGO terminals.

  • Two copper or aluminum wires, the number of cores does not matter, the main quadrature is at least 1.5 square meters. mm

  • New outlet.

Install the socket in the socket with short wires

Let's start by turning off the electricity in the house. Next, we will ring all the contacts of the socket with an indicator screwdriver with a neon bulb, to determine the phase. In this way, make sure that the electricity is definitely turned off and nothing threatens your life.

Unscrew the front panel, disconnect the contacts of the old outlet. As I already said, the wires were heated, the insulation on them melted, dried and became brittle. Since it crumbles, it must be removed. Instead, choose heat shrink tubing of the appropriate diameter.

I will build up wires using WAGO terminals. But these convenient devices must be installed correctly, otherwise they can play a bad service. So: the minimum length sticking out of the wall should be at least 2 cm and 1 cm should be well cleaned, not wrinkled or bent. These are the main rules. Therefore, all that is bent needs to be straightened, and that which is flattened is cut off. And isolate the rest with heat shrink. You can seat it with a special hairdryer or a regular lighter.

Here's what I got:

One wire broke, but it’s not scary. We dress the terminals all the way and snap. Their big plus is that now layering can be performed with a copper wire. I took a multicore. It is soft and does not break off.

I took a double outlet, which will expand the functionality instead of the old one.

We connect and install.

It is fixed in exactly the same way as the old one - resting against the side grooves of the socket. But as you can see, there are also longitudinal mounts for direct wall mounting. This is just a great solution, especially for those who have a broken socket and fixing all the insides is not reliable.

Install the patch panel.

Turn on the electricity and check the work. All perfectly. The terminals will withstand all the necessary loads in this place. By the way, they are very inexpensive on Ali Express - WAGO . This can save on repairs.