Let's do a hike: do-it-yourself folding fork spoon

There are plenty of folding tools for picnics, fishing and hiking. One of the most important, in my opinion, is a folding set with many options. In a good set, in addition to the knife blade itself, there may be a fork with a spoon, a corkscrew, a variety of screwdrivers, scissors, and even a small file. All these things are certainly necessary and useful, to one degree or another. However, you can completely get by with a small set. Suppose if I go camping and plan to cook food, and I, of course, need a spoon with a fork. But why do I need a knife in this set, if I have a hefty cleaver hanging on my belt, which is equally effective for cutting firewood for a fire, and for sharpening a match for a toothpick. In addition, they can also be cut (on the butt of the blade there are saw teeth).

Many people, I’m sure, going to such an event, will definitely take something similar with them, because there is nothing to do in the forest without a good knife. The same question with regards to scissors, why do people need scissors in the forest? If there is a knife! I don’t even speak about corkscrews and screwdrivers ... Hence the conclusion, why do I need a penknife, with such a large set of tools? But a spoon with a fork, best of all folding, would be very good! You can, of course, take ordinary cutlery from home, but this is inconvenient - they constantly have to be caught from the bottom of the backpack, unraveled from the bag, and the plug can damage the backpack (or even the owner!) If it is unsuccessfully placed inside the backpack. It is much more convenient to carry a folding spoon with a fork, which will fit into a small case, which, in turn, can be put in a regular pocket. The design of this product is extremely simple, and almost everyone who has even the slightest desire to move about this can assemble it!

Will need

  • Spoon with a fork (sizes you need).

  • Emery machine.

  • Drill and drill three mm.

  • A bolt and two nuts from a metal constructor.

  • Soldering iron with tin and flux.

  • Sandpaper and a metal brush.

  • Pliers.

  • Screwdriver.

Making a folding set

After you have prepared everything you need, proceed to production. First you need to calculate what the length of the device will be for the greatest convenience. To do this, just take a spoon in your hand. We mark the place of the future cut. We put the second device (plug) on ​​top, so that the teeth protrude as little as possible from behind the spoon, and mark the place of cutting according to the mark on the spoon. Now it should be sawed on an emery machine with a cutting disc according to the marking.

At first I thought I could do without an emery machine, but it turned out that cutting cutlery with an engraver with a cutting disc is not a good idea - it is a very long time, although it is possible ... After sawing, the devices will be almost the same in length. Next, drill holes in the tails of the instruments. Kerner mark the places of future holes, and drill holes into which a small bolt from the designer will fit.

It turns out like this:

We remove the burrs with an emery cloth, so as not to get scratched, and tighten the shortened devices together: put a bolt through the hole in the spoon (on the back), screw the nut on top and tighten it more tightly, then put the plug on the bolt (again with the back so that the fork bends inside spoons), and also, on top we wind the second nut.

The design is quite simple. If we had not put a nut between the devices, then it would be extremely inconvenient to push them apart. With the help of pliers and a screwdriver, we tighten everything as it should. Stronger. Do not worry if it turned out too tight - over time, everything will be developed. Now you need to solder the nut connection so that it does not loosen in the future, and does not unwind. Coat the nut with flux, heat it with a soldering iron, and apply solder.

Unscrew such a connection, if necessary, in the future it will be possible without problems (tin is rather soft metal), but it will not be able to unwind on its own, as often happens! Well, that’s all, it remains only to bring the made folding set into a suitable form. To do this, we add it as evenly as possible, and on the emery machine we equal both ends of the tail, so that they become absolutely identical.

After leveling, using sandpaper, remove the burrs, smooth the corners, and clean the entire working surface with a wire brush. Folding cutlery is ready.

We wipe it with medical alcohol, or mine, like ordinary tableware, and put it in a case. I took for this, a perfect case for this purpose, a cover from an old phone, long lying around idle. Now the accessories necessary for the trip can be easily removed in any pocket, both in a backpack and on clothes.

The above example is just an example, and you can make such a set not only with a fork and a spoon - everyone can assemble the set in a similar way according to their needs, with the tools he needs.