How to protect iPhone charging cord

In places of a sharp change in the diameter of the iPhone power cord, stress concentration is most often observed during its operation (bending, stretching). As a result, the insulation wears out faster in these sections or even the integrity of the product is completely lost.

To extend the life of the iPhone power cord, protective measures must be taken at the first sign of damage. For example, insulate a potentially weak spot on the cord with tape.

However, there is a simpler and more reliable way to protect the iPhone power cord with shrink tubing. To cope with such a task is not difficult for any person. The main thing is to choose the right heat shrink diameter.

Shrink Tubing Power Cord for iPhone

1. In this case, the first step is very important. It is necessary, as already noted above, to select the optimal diameter of the heat-shrinkable tube. It should not be too large, since then the heat shrink will loosely grasp the cord and the protection effect (electrical and mechanical) will not be reliable and durable.

With a small diameter of heat shrinkage, it can burst at the moment of its tension on the largest section or in the process of shrinkage after heating. The length of the duct is determined primarily by the operating conditions of the iPhone power cord. In many cases, a length of 50 mm or more will be sufficient.

2. With utmost care so as not to damage, we stretch the cambric on the cord, temporarily stop it with your fingers or insulating tape. Then we place the tube over a nearby source of hot heat. This can be a hotplate powered by electricity or gas, a lighter or matches, a gas burner or a hairdryer.

When heating a heat-shrinkable tube, extreme care must be taken: after all, it, like the power cord, from excessive heat, not to mention an open fire, can become charred and become unusable for anything. In order for the process to proceed normally, hot convection air rising above the fire is sufficient.

3. When exposed to high temperature (75-110 degrees Celsius), the heat shrink begins to contract in the transverse direction several times (from two to six), repeating in detail the shape of the iPhone power cord. With the exact selection of the diameter of the tube and maintaining the temperature regime, the fit is absolutely dense and durable.

Some clarifications and comments

The heat-shrinkable tubes considered here are also known under other names: heat-shrinkable tubes, heat-shrinkable tubes, thermocontractable cambric tubes, TUT tubes, etc.

In order to correctly select the diameter of the heat-shrinkable cambric, two simple rules must be observed:

1. The smallest cross-section of the power cord or any other wire that needs to be strengthened with a heat-shrinkable tube should exceed by at least 10% the minimum internal cross-section of the maximum shrinked heat-shrinkable material after it has completely cooled down.

2. The largest cross-section of the wire, which must be seated with a heat shrink tube, must exceed 10% or more of the inner cross-section of the heat-shrinkable material before use.

Since heat-shrinkable tubes are available in different colors, you can additionally solve another important problem with their help: carry out color marking of wires. This will allow you to quickly find the cord or wire you need at the moment.