Delicious and inexpensive homemade sausage made from chicken thighs and minced pork

To diversify the taste and reduce the cost of sausages, and without sacrificing taste indices, you can use chicken thighs. This is the juiciest and fattest chicken part, so the home-made sausage will not be dry, and due to the fact that the chicken is cut into pieces, the minced meat in the shell will not go astray in one lump.

In general, an excellent and inexpensive recipe for a delicious product with 100% natural ingredients. Maximum taste for minimum expenses.

Will need

Ingredients excluding salt:

  • a) minced pork - 600 g,

  • b) chicken thighs - 1 kg,

  • c) natural intestines - 2 m,

  • d) garlic - 1 head,

  • e) freshly ground pepper - 6 g,

  • f) basil - 6 g.

After the net weight of the meat mixture (without chicken pits) is known, the salt consumption can be calculated - 18 g of salt goes for 1 kg of minced meat.

Cooking homemade sausages

Cooking takes an hour and a half:

1. Cut the bones from the hips. Cut the meat, including chicken skin, into a medium dice.

2. Put together the chicken and minced pork. Determine the weight - 1390 g.

3. Based on the total weight, the amount of salt is 25 g.

4. Add it to the meat along with spices and squeezed garlic. Mix everything thoroughly.

5. Put the gut on a special nozzle, tie the tip with a harsh thread and loosely fill the belly, squeezing the forcemeat through a meat grinder (remove the knife and grate from the meat grinder first).

6. Tie the sausage into a ring and again drag in the middle. Gypsy needle to make punctures along the entire length of the workpiece.

7. Dip the sausage rings in boiling water.

8. After 15 minutes boil take them out of the pan.

9. Fry the sausage in lard or vegetable oil to a beautiful crust.

Completely meaty, unusually tasty and fragrant home-made sausage, inexpensive at cost, ready. Both in hot and in cold form - this is a great alternative to purchased analogs (although nothing compares closely in composition).

After frying, the dish turns out to be especially tasty and appetizing.

You can’t buy such natural yummy in a store. Try it, bon appetit!