"Fake" Smoked Mackerel

When I need a recipe for salting mackerel, I always choose the simplest one. After all, fish is not a product that cannot be spoiled. Therefore, I want to bring to your attention a simple dish that I call fake smoked mackerel. It is fake only because it will not be smoked, although its color will in no way be inferior to smoked meats.


So, the list of required products:

  • 2 medium-sized mackerels;

  • husks of ordinary onions - no more than 2 handfuls;

  • salt - 2.5 tablespoons (without a slide, if you like salted fish);

  • 1.5 tablespoons of sugar;

  • black tea without flavoring - one tablespoon (preferably with a slide);

  • black pepper - not more than half a teaspoon.

Cooking features

Marinade is prepared per liter of water. With the indicated amount of salt, salted mackerel will be obtained. If you like very salty fish, then you should put 3 tablespoons of salt with a slide.

Salt, pepper, tea with sugar and thoroughly washed onion husks put in a pan (not enameled) and pour cold water.

We put this mixture on the stove, wait until it boils. It should boil for about five minutes. After that, I leave the marinade to insist on the stove for another 10 minutes, after which I filter. It turns out a dark brown liquid, but do not be scared. The fish will not be so dark.

While preparing the marinade, you can do fish. Mackerel must be thoroughly washed. The insides and the black film on the inside of the abdomen must be removed, I also cut the fins and head.

Be sure to pat the fish with a paper towel so that it is not wet.

When the marinade has cooled, you need to fill them with fish in a suitable bowl.

For three days we send to the refrigerator (in winter you can leave it on the balcony). From time to time, the fish need to be turned over so that it is evenly colored. For example, this can be done in the morning and evening.

We take out the fish in three days and hang it by the tail for two hours, so that the excess liquid is glass, and the mackerel itself is slightly weathered.

A little tip: to make the fish more appetizing, you should grease it with olive oil before serving (you can use any vegetable oil).

The dish turns out very tasty, but there will be no smoked smack. If you need it, just add liquid smoke to the marinade or use smoked salt. Personally, I think this is unnecessary. After all, the fish is simply amazing.

Bon Appetit!