How to check grounding in 1 minute

I’ll tell you how to quickly, simply and efficiently check the availability and quality of your grounding in less than a minute. I want to make a reservation at once and clarify that this verification method is artisanal and prohibited by all manuals and rules on electrical safety. But still, the method exists and lives perfectly among experienced and experienced electricians. I personally use it myself, and therefore I show it to you. Again, I want to relieve myself of responsibility, and say that if you repeat it, then everything is at your own peril and risk.

You probably immediately have a question: why then use a similar method if it is forbidden and even dangerous? In general, the grounding is checked by a special device, but due to its absence, electricians often use this for quick verification and control.

Will need

For verification, we need a conventional incandescent bulb at 230 V and 60-100 W, in the cartridge, with the exposed wires bare at the end.

I tied the wires to the plug and insulated everything with electrical tape. In common people, a light bulb with exposed bare wires is called "control".

Checking the presence of grounding in the outlet

So let's get started. First, check the lamp. We insert both bare wires into the outlet.

Around the eye, remember the brightness of the glow.

Then we pull out one wire and switch it to the ground contacts. If the lamp does not light up, then you may have made a mistake and pulled out the phase wire, but you need to zero. As a result, the lamp must be switched on between the ground contact and the phase.

If the grounding is working properly and efficiently, the light will shine with exactly the same brightness as between zero and phase.

That's all.

When connecting, be especially careful and careful, do not touch the exposed contacts at the time of verification!

I check in this way the grounding in my house. I do not have an RCD in the system. In your case, if it exists, it can work, as there will be a leak to the ground. This is not a big deal, it’s also a good indicator of how defense works.