Cream Butter

What does real butter consist of? And it consists of only one component - cream. Here is a natural oil made from cream alone, it is almost impossible to find in our stores. Despite the fact that on the shelves of large supermarkets, as a rule, you can find a dozen or more varieties of oil from different manufacturers, it happens that not a single natural one is among them.

Want to get a natural product? Do it yourself. Moreover, the oil at home is prepared very simply, easier than you can imagine. For this we need only a mixer and cream. But the cream should be good, preferably homemade and fat - fat content of at least 33 percent.

Cooking Natural Butter

1. Put the cream in a bowl. Fresh cream is fluid, and cream that has stood in the refrigerator for a couple of days becomes thick.

2. First, whip the cream at high speed.

3. At first, no visible changes occur.

4. After about a minute and a half, we will see that the cream is slightly thickened and ripples begin to form on them, like on water.

5. After another minute, we see that the cream visibly thickened.

6. Cream thickens even more. Switch the mixer to a lower speed, otherwise the cream will be sprayed.

7. The cream begins to collect in lumps, and in some places the liquid is already beginning to separate from the lumps - butter.

8. Separation is becoming more apparent.

9. And even more explicit.

10. The oil we have turned yellow, and the butterdish is transparent.

11. We collect the solid part in a lump.

12. We take out. If our cream has already had time to sour before use, the acid will remain in the butterdish, and the oil will have a neutral taste.

13. Next, we need to rinse the oil lump well in very cold (just ice) water. We do this by changing the water several times. In the process of this procedure, we just shape the lump.

14. So, from 500 ml of cream you get about 280 ml of butterfish and 220 grams of butter. The yield will depend on the fat content and quality of the cream. Butter can be used to make dough for dumplings, pancakes, dumplings, bread, and just drink it. This is a healthy drink.

15. Here we have a lump of butter.

16. You can give it any shape - oval, square, rectangular. I will cover the plastic box with polyethylene and put it in our oil bottle.

17. Put a piece.

18. Tamp and give the desired shape.

19. We put in the freezer and use as needed.

What you need: cream from 33 percent and above.