How to cheaply repair a rusted tool

Almost always, if any tool is idle, it begins to rust. It is worth only one winter to leave pliers or wire cutters in an unheated room and in the spring you can observe a layer of red rust on the surface. I will show a cheap and effective method how to remove all corrosion and partially restore the metal surface. This will not require expensive or scarce materials.

You will need:

  • Vinegar 9% (I took apple, from that it is brown, if there is, then take the usual colorless).

  • Edible salt (ordinary, table).

  • Waste Toothbrush.

  • Capacity in which, whenever possible, the entire restored tool can be immersed. Necessarily from plastic.

  • Engine oil of absolutely any brand.

Rust removal and surface restoration process

In my case, we will restore the nippers and pliers with thin sponges. As you can see, the nippers have lain more than one year and, it would seem, are hopelessly spoiled. We place the instruments in the vessels.

Fill with vinegar so that the metal surface is completely covered.

Now take the salt and sprinkle it with plenty of rust.

I did not completely immerse the nippers, since their handles are protected by a rubber braid.

We leave everything for a day. At this time, a chemical reaction will occur.

After time, you will see how rust flakes will float on the surface of the solution.

Remove the tool and use a toothbrush to remove any traces of corrosion and reaction traces.

Try to work with a tool. The first 2-3 movements can be difficult, but then everything should be easy.

If the result does not suit you, repeat the procedure and leave it to soak for another day.

As you can see, pliers and nippers have acquired a completely working look.

Now they need to be lubricated. We take any motor oil, dunk a rag and process the open surface of the metal.

Also known for lubrication is the well-known WD-40. Spray to the surface and wipe with a cloth removing excess.

The method is not very complicated, but quite effective. I personally use this not the first time and I am satisfied with the result.

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