Master class: do-it-yourself wooden box

Wooden caskets today are very popular with the fair sex. After all, they are very practical and roomy. In addition, such a box fits perfectly into the interior and is a real decoration of any room. However, prices for such products in stores are quite high. But a box of wood can be made independently. This does not require special knowledge and skills. Only your desire and patience are enough. This article presents a master class on making a simple wooden box in a home environment.

Will need

Materials needed for making DIY wooden boxes:

  • 1. Board (width - 16 cm., Length - 36 cm.) - 2 pcs.

  • Wooden plank (width - 7 cm., Length - 36 cm.) - 2 pcs.

  • Wooden plank (width - 7 cm, length - 16 cm) - 5 pcs.

  • Wooden plank (width - 7 cm, length - 18 cm) - 1 pc.

  • Rail (width - 1 cm., Thickness - 1 cm., Length - 36 cm.) - 1 pc.

  • Self-tapping screws (length - 1 cm.) - 8 pcs.

  • Hinges (width - 1.4 cm, length - 1.7 cm) - 2 pcs.

  • Small thin nails - 35 pcs.

  • PVA glue - 1 b.

By the way, these materials are used to make a casket 16 cm wide, 36 cm long and 7 cm high. If you need a casket of other sizes, respectively, the material parameters will be different.


Tools necessary for making a wooden box at home:

  • Sander.

  • Screwdriver.

  • Hacksaw or jigsaw.

  • Hammer.

  • Thin brush for applying PVA glue.

Do-it-yourself step-by-step manufacture of a wooden box:

1. First prepare the bottom and cover of the box. It is very difficult to choose a board of the required size, so initially select a board of the required thickness and use a hacksaw to cut 2 planks 16 cm wide and 36 cm long. Remember that the thinner the boards, the more carefully the box will look. Ideally, the thickness of the board should not exceed 0.5 cm. To get rid of possible irregularities, go over the prepared boards with a grinding machine.

2. Fabricate the long side strips of the casket. Their length should be equal to 36 cm, and their width should be 7 cm. Saw the strips using a hacksaw or a jigsaw, and then treat them with a grinder.

3. Get ready for the short side walls of the casket and partitions. In this case, 2 planks 16 cm long and 7 cm wide are the side walls, the remaining 3 planks of similar sizes are vertical partitions, and 1 plank 18 cm long and 7 cm wide is a horizontal partition. Be sure to process all parts with a grinder.

4. You will also need a thin rail 36 cm long. It is best to use a window glazing bead. The lid of your casket will be attached to it. It also needs to be processed with a grinder.

5. Assemble the casket frame. Using thin nails, attach the short sides of the box to the bottom first, and then the long

6. Next, prepare the casket partitions. Do not touch two planks 7 cm long and 16 cm wide, but on the plank 7 cm long and 18 cm wide and the third plank 7 cm long and 16 cm wide, make small cuts in the center. Cutting is best done with a jigsaw. The length of each file should be 3.5 cm, and the width should match the thickness of the partitions. Fasten 2 strips with the help of made cuts.

7. Insert the partitions into the previously assembled bottom of the box and secure them with nails. The crosspiece is best gently glued to the bottom using PVA glue.

8. Then, using thin nails and a hammer, nail a thin rail to the long side of the box in the place where the lid will be attached. Using a screwdriver, screw the hinges onto the bracket, and then fasten the box cover.

9. Once again finish the finished product with a grinder. The wooden box is ready. To make it look brighter, you can open it with colorless varnish if you wish.

As you can see, the casket is prepared quite simply and quickly. It can be used to store a wide variety of little things, from jewelry to ordinary buttons and pins. To make the casket look more festive, you can decorate it using decoupage technique. In this case, it all depends on your imagination and your skills.