How to prepare a fuel mixture for two-stroke engines

Many people are afraid to buy a motorized tool driven by a two-stroke gasoline engine. They are frightened by the constant prospect of mixing gasoline with oil. They suggest that this is a rather problematic operation, although there is nothing like this in this procedure. Now we will see how this is done.

So, if you have purchased or are going to purchase a motorized tool with a two-stroke engine, you will have to prepare a fuel mixture, which consists of gasoline and special oil for this type of engine.

When choosing oil, priority should be given to that recommended by the manufacturer of your power tool, although this is unprincipled. You can take another oil, most importantly, it must be of high quality and not too cheap.

Two-stroke engine oil differs from other oils in the marking, denoted as 2T, which is indicated on the container label. It also shows the proportion of mixing oil with gasoline to obtain a fuel mixture.

For good quality oils, this value, as a rule, is 50: 1, that is, one part of oil is required for 50 parts of gasoline. This proportion may be indicated or duplicated as a percentage. In our case, the proportion of 50: 1 corresponds to 2%.

Many people get confused in these proportions and percentages, and actually do not understand how much oil they need to add, say, to 1 liter of gasoline. But here everything is very simple. If you see a proportion of 50: 1, this means that you should mix 100 grams of oil with 5 liters of gasoline, and 20 grams with 1 liter of gasoline.

If the percentages are indicated on the package, for example, 2%, this means that 1 gram of gasoline needs to be added 20 grams of oil. If 3% were indicated, then you need to add 30 grams of oil to 1 liter of gasoline, etc.

What can be useful to us for preparing the fuel mixture for pouring a two-stroke engine into the tank?

Will need

This will require quite a bit:

  • plastic funnel;

  • ordinary medical syringe;

  • plastic liter container;

  • petrol;

  • two-stroke engine oil.

The container can be taken from under antifreeze or antifreeze for cars, although some power tools come with a similar container with marks for gasoline and oil. But for greater accuracy, it is still better to use an ordinary syringe to select oil and add it to gasoline.

How to make a fuel mixture for a two-stroke engine

First, we pour gasoline into the bottle, which is recommended by the manufacturer of the power tool, and is indicated in the instruction manual. Most often, for these purposes, the AI-92 is used. If you take gasoline with a different octane number, it is likely that the engine will soon fail.

Next, you need to draw oil from a bottle with a syringe. I remind you that to create a proportion of 50: 1 (or 2%), 1 gram of gasoline will require 20 grams of oil. By the way, medical syringes of this capacity are quite common.

Type 2T oil is usually red. This is done specifically so that your fuel mixture acquires the same color. Then it is difficult to confuse it with ordinary colorless gasoline and inadvertently pour it into the engine tank without adding oil.

We pour in our gasoline the exact amount of oil (in our case 20 grams), which we put into the syringe. We close the container with a threaded plug and shake it several times vigorously so that its contents mix well. After such a procedure, our fuel mixture is completely ready for use.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that you should not prepare the fuel mixture in large quantities. Manufacturers do not recommend storing gasoline mixed with oil for a long time. Prepare such a volume of fuel mixture that would be enough for 1-2 refueling.

And yet, if you use high-quality oil, you don’t need to act here according to the saying: “you won’t spoil the porridge with oil, ” and increase its amount in comparison with the volume indicated in the proportion. After all, this ratio is obtained, both by theoretical calculations, and repeatedly tested in practice as a result of numerous tests.

It is optimal both economically and in ensuring the reliability and durability of a two-stroke engine. Therefore, add no less and no more oil to gasoline, but exactly as much as indicated on the label of the oil tank for two-stroke engines.