How to professionally cut a cable

If you cut or bite off the brake cable of a bicycle with ordinary wire cutters, then its end will sooner or later dry up and fluff up, the thinnest steel hairs will stick out in different directions, which will pierce the skin like needles if you accidentally touch this area.

This can simply be avoided by correctly cutting off the tip of the cable.

Will need

  • Pliers.

  • Screwdriver or drill.

  • Gas-burner.

We cut the tip of the cable correctly

Clamp the end of the cable into the chuck of a screwdriver. At some distance, hold the cable with pliers. And the middle between them is heated by a gas burner.

It is not necessary to have a super burner with a high temperature, almost any can heat a thin cable to red.

And as soon as the body of the cable, which heated reddened and began to turn white, sharply turn on the screwdriver.

The hot spot will not withstand the load and will burst with the twisting of steel hairs, which in the future will definitely not bloom.

Most importantly, before twisting, make sure that the screwdriver will twist the cable in the direction of its twist, and not vice versa. Otherwise, the cable will fluff even more.

This "trick" can be done with motorcycle cables. The tip is neat, a little narrowed, which is very good if you need to thread it somewhere.

See the video for more details.