How to repair a burnt carpet

The carpet not only insulates the floor and makes it pleasant to walk on it, but also serves as a real decoration of the room, especially when it is in harmony with the interior of the room.

High-quality carpets can last more than a dozen years and at the same time not lose their shape, structure and color scheme. Of course, this requires constant and appropriate care.

Very often carpets suffer from burns left by an unquenched cigarette that accidentally fell on the carpet, a lit match, which, instead of an ashtray, ended up in the same place, or a coal flying out of a fireplace insert.

Burn injuries in the form of dark spots on light colored carpets are especially noticeable. Moreover, they, as a rule, arise in the most prominent places: around a coffee table or in front of a sofa.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to prevent such damage, since accidents are difficult to control. However, do not be very upset, because there is one effective but simple solution that will help restore the carpet to its original form. What should we have at hand for this?

You will need:

  • glue quick-setting and better waterproof;

  • glue gun;

  • a small brush and stick for applying glue;

  • scissors are large and small;

  • wallpaper knife.

The algorithm for recovering carpet after a burn

With some persistence and accuracy, any adult can handle this work.

Burn site treatment

With the help of small scissors, it is necessary to carefully remove the charred or melted fibers of the carpet, without damaging the base of the product.

Preparation of Intact Villi

They must be cut off in those places of our carpet that are not visually visible, but have the same color as in the place of the burn. This can be a section under the sofa, behind furniture, etc. For this, you can use the same small scissors.

Restoration of the bulk of the villi

First, we apply glue mass to the damaged area from the glue gun and evenly distribute it on the surface with a brush and a stick. We take a large part of the previously cut villi and press them with the help of the handles of large scissors to the base, covered with glue, holding for a while motionless for grasping.

Bonding the villi in the burn site

Again we apply a little slightly warmed glue and glue the remaining fibers in places where their density is less common, pressing with scissor handles. Then we leave the treated place alone for several minutes until the glue finally hardens.

Finishing the restored place

It remains only with the help of small scissors to carefully trim the glued villi to the height of the rest.