Self-cleaning laptop from dust

Necessarily and inevitably, the time comes when you begin to understand that your “family member” - laptop (netbook) has become too noisy and unusually hot. And indeed - somehow “wrong” he began to fulfill his duties.

Of course, you can immediately contact the Service Center. But, as a rule, it is too expensive. And sometimes for a long time. Often, “services” deliberately delay the execution of an order, in order to “aggravate the situation” and take a lot of money from a client incompetent in matters of computer maintenance.

But what if you try it yourself? Not Gods pots burn! And it’s not only money that matters, but that you can easily, sitting with your friends in the bathhouse, for example, as if by chance to say: “Yesterday I went through the computer all day. Renovated ... contact, if that ... "

And his own pride amuses, and in the eyes of others - exalts. Well, go ahead!

We will need:

  • Thin Phillips screwdrivers (preferably well magnetized).

  • Flat screwdriver.

  • Tweezers.

  • Cotton pads and a small brush.

  • Thermal paste (cooler paste). Sold at any radio store.

Disassembling a laptop

First of all, remove the battery.

Now, very carefully inspecting the lower part of the case, we are looking for fixing screws.

They can be either clearly visible or hidden under the caps (arrows).

Removing the cover of the compartment with the hard drive, we remove the drive itself, after disconnecting the connector. We remove it to the side.

We are looking for screws that may be under the hard drive, as well as removing the RAM modules, Wi-Fi and bluetooth (yellow arrows).

Go to the keyboard.

On the edge of the keyboard closest to the monitor, with a flat screwdriver, carefully press the latches while simultaneously trying to slightly raise the entire “clave”.

Phew! Came out ... DO NOT overdo it! The keyboard is connected by a loop to the case. We disconnect it, prying from the sides with a flat screwdriver.

And to the side. Unscrew the screws hidden under the keyboard.

And having stuck some flat object, in this case - a discount plastic card, we halve the case. Usually there are several loops under the cover. Caution!

Carefully disconnect all cables and connectors (arrows) from the motherboard

And here we have the "internal organs" of our laptop friend.

Dust in it, like in a vacuum cleaner.

We are looking for and unscrew the screws that secure the motherboard to the body and remove it.

Pre-disconnecting ALL wires and cables. Remove the cooler.

And having turned out screws of fastening of a heat-removing system, carefully, STRICTLY UP, we remove it.

HERE !!! Here it is, the reason for the howling fan cooler and strong heating of the laptop !!! It resembles piled wool, which did not allow unobstructed blowing of the heat sink radiator. Remove with a brush, purge with the power of the lungs, or use a vacuum cleaner. Do not forget to also clean the cooler fan.

And very little remains. Apply thermal grease to the main processor and video card processor. What, in fact, do. Using a finger, level out the applied, a very small amount of thermal paste to get a relatively even layer, 0.5 mm thick.

If you can’t apply the paste evenly and immediately, it's okay. Remove it with a disk, making sure that there are no fibers left on it on the processor platform and apply again. Until it works out. Now there will be a crucial moment - the installation of a heat sink system in its place. The whole point is ONE INSTANT INSTALLATION. No offsets. There is nothing particularly complicated, since there are guides there. But this is not the first time you put it. And if it didn’t even work out, and everything moved a little to the side - it does not matter.

We start all over again from the moment of applying the paste. But now, all the parts are in place and the heat sink and cooler, we begin the process of assembling the laptop.

We put the Motherboard in its place, not forgetting to connect all the cables and connectors. Fortunately, they are made in such a way that nothing can be mixed up. The main thing is not to forget to connect anything. Tighten ALL screws into place. Again, everything is done in such a way that not a single screw can fit in another place. We put the top cover of the case and squeeze both halves with your fingers, until the characteristic clicks. Around the perimeter of the housing.

We put the keyboard in its place, not forgetting to tighten the screws located under it and connect the cable of the "keyboard" to the "motherboard".

Then, we put in place the slats of RAM, Wi-Fi and Hard Drive. The final touches will be the remaining loose screws and the battery.

Turn on the laptop ... And ... Hurray! Everything is working. And the cooler became much quieter. After all, we CAN, when we want! And Time flew by imperceptibly and Knowledge with Skills was enriched.


So, or with slight differences, ALL laptops (netbooks) are sorted out. In more recent models, the battery is hidden inside the case, which, in principle, does not change anything for us. On laptops of earlier years, there are CD / DVD players that are removed when one screw is loosened under the cover of the hard drive compartment. Everything is quite simple. And interesting. The main thing is ATTENTION and DESIRE. Good luck