How to instantly peel a boiled egg, life hack for everyone

In preparation for the meeting of unexpected guests, there are situations when you need to quickly clean a large number of boiled eggs. The process takes a lot of time. Additional difficulties arise when the eggs are fresh - their peel is very difficult to separate. There is an easy way to quickly peel eggs from any shell. True, they should only be hard-boiled.

What is needed

It is only necessary to have a glass with thick walls, they must withstand the blows of an egg. There is no such glass - use any utensils of suitable sizes: a mug, a ladle, a small saucepan for preparing children's food, etc.

Cleaning technology

Dip the boiled egg in a glass. Pour water so that it reaches the middle of the height of the egg.

Close the glass with your hand, set it to a horizontal position and quickly move it forward / backward. During such movements, the egg hits the walls, the shell cracks over the entire area of ​​the egg.

Now the shell itself is peeling off the egg, you just have to pull it. Remove the shell, the egg is peeled and can be used for cooking.


To make the method work 100% two more tricks:

  • When boiling, put the eggs in boiling water, and do not heat the water together remove.

  • After boiling, quench with cold water.

Also, before using the egg, it is recommended to rinse it to remove small remains of the shell.