The method of kindling coal without liquid for ignition

Imagine that going to barbecue, for some reason, you did not buy liquid for igniting charcoal. It would seem that a hopeless situation: it’s just that you can’t ignite coal with matches, there may not be other firewood in place ... But there is a simple and tricky way to kindle coal using a regular newspaper.

The method is quite simple, but you just won’t be able to invent it with your ingenuity.

Will need

Nothing will be needed:

  • Plastic bottle - from soda, ketchup or glass from wine or tp. She will not suffer, her contents do not even need to be poured.

  • Newspaper, magazine or any other paper.

Well, I'm not talking about matches and a bag of charcoal.

How to ignite coals without special ignition fluid

In fact, of course, there is no secret. We take one sheet of newspaper and fold it into a flat roll 3-4 fingers wide.

Then we take the bottle and tie it from the bottom with this paper belt.

We tie the ends to one knot, like laces. It is not necessary to tighten strongly, only to hold.

Like this:

On top of this twist we make two more of the same.

Next, we put this whole tower in the brazier, and sprinkle coal on the sides.

We fall asleep completely so that this peculiar well is hidden from the sides reliably with coal. And carefully take out the bottle.

Well, now we kindle! A small piece of paper is useful for this. Ignite it.

And lower down the mines.

As the fire flames up, small coals can be left inside (although this is not necessary).

As the fire goes down, we take the fan and rhythmically create a wind turbine.

From this, the coals will begin to turn very red, after which everything can be mixed so that the burning coals are mixed with non-burning.

And after a couple of minutes you can put a barbecue. Everything is just like a day.

I have been using this method for a long time and do not buy ignition fluid. It seems to me that this happens even faster, because it takes a considerable time to burn out the liquid itself before the coals themselves light up and begin to give off heat. In addition, excellent environmental friendliness, and your kebab will definitely not have extraneous odors or taste.