Recovering broken holes for door hinge screws

The internal doors in our apartments and houses have served for more than a dozen years, but if there are young children who love to ride them, this period can be significantly reduced. The screws connecting the door leaf with hinges break the tree over time and can even fall out completely. A thicker screw does not solve the problem, especially if it is a door to the bathroom. Here the biggest load, and even increased humidity. It remains only to fix the door yourself, especially since it is not so difficult to do.

What tools and materials do we need

  • 2 drills on wood 9.5 and 2 mm, as well as a drill or screwdriver;

  • Wooden dowels with a thickness of 9.5 mm;

  • Wood glue and a thin brush (the one that children draw);

  • Hammer and screwdriver;

  • New self-tapping screws (yellow / white, but not black - they can break under a hat with great effort);

  • Old sponge for dishes.

Recovering broken seats under door hinge screws

We drill the broken seats to the permissible depth (in the hollow door you can completely “flash” the frame beam, nothing bad will happen). We try on a wooden dowel (but do not insert it to the end!): It should fit tightly into the hole with a minimum clearance.

If the sizes are the same, with a children's watercolor brush we process the surface inside the holes with wood glue and directly process all the dowels. The main thing is not to forget to rinse the brush with warm water before the glue dries.

We insert the dowel, as far as the strength of the fingers allows, and then with a light tapping of the hammer we hammer it flush. Excess glue is removed with a damp sponge, after which it is necessary to wait for it to dry. The further assembly is postponed the next day.

Final assembly

After the glue has dried, you should attach a loop and mark the center of the seat with a pencil or awl. With a thin drill we make a hole to the depth of the screw. In this case, you need to make sure that it will be less than the thickness of the screw, otherwise everything will have to be repeated again. Next, we attach the door to the hinge and screw the screws with the screwdriver without undue effort.

Work Summary

After this procedure, the door will last oh how long, even if the children ride on it again. But now you know what to do, so do not scold them severely.