Puncture repair without removing the wheel

On a long journey, the driver will not be disturbed by a special kit for quickly repairing a tubeless wheel, with which you can eliminate the consequences of a tire puncture with a screw or a nail, without removing the wheel from the car. In addition, this type of restoration of tightness in a tire workshop will cost more (one puncture) than the whole set (enough to eliminate 5 damage).

Tubeless tire repair kit

This repair kit can be bought in most stores for car enthusiasts or ordered in China.

Especially at a very attractive price (compared to our stores) on our beloved Ali Express - a link to the goods .

What is included in it:

  • Synthetic cord impregnated with rubber;

  • Adhesive activator;

  • Awl-rasp;

  • Needle.

In addition, the driver’s tool bag should have nippers or pliers that can be used to remove the screw stuck in the tire. You will also need a sharp knife.

We put the wheel in a comfortable position

If the front wheel has received a puncture, it is enough to turn it out and install in such a way that the breakdown place is accessible for work. In the case of the rear tire, everything is a little more complicated - it will have to be removed. The tire that we are going to repair in this way must be inflated, otherwise nothing will work.

Preparatory process

First you need to remove the foreign body from the tire, using the necessary tool.

In doing so, we try to do the job with minimal damage to the wheel. We plug the break with an awl and expand it with reciprocating movements with rotation.

We leave the rasp in the tire and prepare the needle. To do this, we pass a rubber tourniquet into the eye and process it with adhesive activator.

Installation of a sealing cord

With one hand we pull out the awl-rasp and insert a needle with a rubber seal into the hole, pushing it to the desired depth.

This process is laborious and requires sufficient physical strength.

After the cord is recessed and protruding ends remain 1.5-2 cm long, the needle should be pulled out with a sharp movement of the hand. Using water, we check the tightness and cut off the remainder of the harness with a knife, flush with the tread.

If necessary, restore the pressure in the tire to normal.

To summarize

All the advantages of a quick repair with a rubber cord are obvious:

  • If a puncture is received at once by several tires, and one spare tire can not do;

  • Saves time and effort - no need to change or even remove the wheel;

  • The cost will be much cheaper than the services of a tire workshop.

One item from this list is enough to justify the presence of this kit on board.