How to drill a well yourself

Most summer cottages use water from ordinary wells. She has many shortcomings. It is much better to have an artesian well, but it’s expensive to order drilling for special companies. There is an available method on how to do the work yourself.

What is required

It is necessary to have an ice drill for drilling winter fishing holes, a plastic pipe with a diameter of 100 mm, a length of about 1.5 m, a tee wiring and a flexible hose for water intake. A filter for cleaning sand from water with a length of at least one meter is put on the hose.

The well itself is made of metal precast pipes with a diameter of 3/4 inch. On the first, you need to weld a tip in the form of a star to soften hard soil. A handle with a tee is screwed to the top to connect water. The number of pipes depends on the depth of groundwater. Threaded connections are made with gas keys.

Drilling technology

Drill a hole with a depth of about 1 m with an ice drill, clean it with the rest of the earth.

Insert the plastic pipe, finish through the wood gasket as much as possible. The length should be such that it is convenient to work with a drill.

Insert the tee into the socket. Water will be removed from the well through the side outlet.

Fill the gap between the pipe and the hole with earth, and carefully compact it. Earth is needed for sealing, and a plastic pipe serves as a casing.

Weld a sharp tip on the end of the metal pipe, use a grinder to remove welding streaks.

Insert it into the casing and screw the second one to increase the length. Place a bucket under the drain to collect water. Otherwise, it spills around the workplace, which greatly complicates the drilling process.

Screw the handle with a tee and connect the hose with water.

Open the water tap and start drilling. At the same time, constantly push and turn the handle left / right, collect the escaping water in a bucket and pour out. Better to work with an assistant.

As the hole deepens, screw the pipes. Constantly control the water, with it first the earth should come out, and then clay.

Extend the drill pipe by twisting new sections.

Continue drilling until sand begins to flow with water, making the drill easier to lower. The appearance of sand means that an aquifer has been reached.

Prepare a plastic hose, screw the previously made filter to it.

Continue flushing the well until clean water flows. Take out the drill, disassemble all metal pipes. Insert a plastic hose with a filter.

Lower it all the way, rinse the well again with water.

The work is completed. You can connect the pump and use clean artesian water.


Such wells can be done anywhere, the only obstacle is stony land. Before starting work, you should ask knowledgeable people about this.