Fast sharpening chainsaw chains grinder

From time to time, the chain of the chainsaw dulls, especially with serious amounts of work to cut old wood. In addition, when the cuts on one side are blunted more than on the other, this leads to deviations from the straight cut line and can cause the chainsaw rod to jam in the wood.

Traditional methods for restoring chain cutting ability

You can sharpen a chain of a saw that has uneven wear without removing it from the guide using a round file. At the same time, it is necessary to grind about 1 mm of high-strength steel, and only a single tooth will have to spend a lot of time.

How to restore sharpening a saw with a grinder

A more rational solution to quickly restore the sharpness of the teeth is to use an angle grinder, or, more simply, a grinder. To do this is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. It is necessary to install the saw with the blade towards itself and, tilting the tool in accordance with the angle of sharpening the tooth, restore the working edge of the latter, pressing the side of the rotating disk against it. Each subsequent tooth is sharpened at an opposite angle, so the position of the grinder will have to be alternated.

At the same time, sharpening each will take a second - two, no more. This procedure should be carried out carefully so that due to careless movement it does not damage the chain, and even more so the saw guide.

Preparing a metal disc for sharpening a chain

As a rule, disks for cutting metal are used in grinders, therefore, for high-quality sharpening, its edge should be slightly dulled. To complete this task is simple - just use a regular stone.

A metal disc is not designed to work with such material, and after a couple of efforts its edge will lose its sharpness, which, in fact, is necessary for us.

And after that we proceed to the point.

We alternately go through each tooth.

How did I disable the saw

The reason for the failure of the saw teeth is old rotten wood. When sawing such trees, they dull very quickly, and the blade begins to behave unpredictably. In my case, the trunk was 50-60 cm in diameter, no less. I made a notch to adjust the direction of the fall of the tree. Perhaps it should have been done a little more - then it would have allowed more accurately to lay the tree trunk. However, just at this stage I drank and stopped cutting normally.

Safety regulations

Work on sharpening a saw with a grinder requires a certain clarity of movement. In any case, it is necessary to ensure that no one is near, especially on the line of operation of the disk. Nothing should impede your actions. You must also make sure that the disc installed in the grinder has not reached critical wear.

As for the felling of trees, before carrying out these works, measures should be taken to prevent accidental passers-by into the zone of a possible fall of the trunk.

Work result

After the operative restoration of the sharpening of the saw by the grinder, the work went more fun, and in the end I still cut a dry and unyielding tree, laying the trunk exactly as I planned.