Do-it-yourself grinding and cutting nozzle for a screwdriver

A cordless angle grinder is a rather specific tool, and it is not practical to acquire it without a specific amount of work (that is, for amateur purposes). Nevertheless, if you have a conventional screwdriver on batteries and an old grinder with a burned out engine, you can make such a functional nozzle with your own hands.

What you need to have on hand

To perform all the necessary work, we need the following tool: a vise, a drill, a grinder, a welding machine, pliers, and a spray can with enamel.

From materials:

  • The upper part of the angle grinder under a circle with a diameter of 125 mm (2 pcs.);

  • Strip (about a meter) and a small fragment of sheet metal (100 X 200 mm);

  • A pair of bolts up to 2.5 cm long with nuts.


Create a new drive transmission axis. First of all, it is necessary to adapt the transmission mechanism from the old angle grinder to our tasks, because if you leave everything as it is, the disk will rotate very slowly. To do this, we completely disassemble the entire moving part of the old tool and free the drive shafts from bearings and gears.

After that, we cut off the axis (on which the disk was mounted) by the cutting grinder from the gear side, departing from the drive skirt of the order of 8-10 mm. We carry out the same operation with the anchor axis, shortening the side opposite to the gear seat.

The next step is to center the resulting axles. To do this, a recess of about 3 mm of the same diameter is drilled in the center of the disk axis, and the thin axis is ground with a screwdriver and grinder under the cone. Then we mate both halves and fix them in a vise. Using a welding machine, we turn the design into a single whole. We put a bearing and a small gear on the axle thus modernized.

Case preparation

We take the second upper part from the idle grinder, pull out the anchor axis (the seat should be plugged with rags from chips) and cut off all the frame elements (with which the assembly was attached to the main body of the tool) so that we only have the neck of the inner part under the drive axle bearing . After that, using a grinding wheel, we remove the thread on the remaining shaft to fix the disk, turning it into a smooth cylinder.

Next, from a metal strip, we make a clamp along the diameter of the neck obtained on the new case. For greater convenience, weld the nut of the coupling bolt by welding. We put on the clip and insert the self-made axis into place. After making sure that the gears are in contact correctly, we tighten the bolt until it stops, reliably fixing the shaft bearing.

Already now you can verify the operability of our new tool by inserting it into the chuck of a screwdriver. The test must be carried out as carefully as possible so as not to get injured! During testing, it becomes clear what we will do in the next step.

Creating a nozzle retainer and protective cover

Using the strip, we make a clip similar to the previous one, but already on the case of the screwdriver (the section immediately following the rotating chuck). The only difference is that we weld a home-made lamb-type spider to the bolt for convenient and quick fixation of the nozzle.

After that, we weld a section of the strip to the throat clamp and install the entire structure in a screwdriver. Having set the correct position of the drive for convenient operation, mark the place of mating with a marker on the lock.

Again, we remove the entire structure, clamp it in a vice and, using a welding machine, connect the bar to the main clamp.

The tool can now be used, but there is not enough protective cover for safe operation. We also make it from a strip, which we bend in the form of a standard one and weld it to a sheet of metal. We remove all unnecessary, aligning the edges with a grinder.

We make a recess in the center of the shield, so that the neck does not interfere with the installation of the protection, and fix it with a corner from the same strip by welding in the right place. The final step will be spray painting.

Security measures

When performing work on the manufacture of this nozzle, it is necessary to comply with safety rules when working with a welding machine, grinder and screwdriver. Also, when processing metal, one should not forget to use glasses to protect the eyes.

Work Summary

With this nozzle, worn on a screwdriver in a matter of seconds, you can cut metal, wood (perfect for gardening) and perform grinding work no worse than a factory tool.