Removing a wart at home

One fine day, unexpectedly for myself, I discovered that a wart appeared on my face. At first I thought that the pimple jumped off, but for some reason it did not pass for a long time, and then it generally increased in size.

I remembered that many years ago I had successfully removed a wart on my finger with a cheap tool called Celandine. Then I decided to repeat the method I had already tested.

What you need to purchase

In the pharmacy I bought this drug for only 25 rubles. This is a small plastic flask filled with a colorless liquid with an applicator.

The instructions indicate that before applying Super Celandine, it is necessary to smear the area around the wart with any oily cream. So I did.

Facial Wart Removal

Previously, I thoroughly cleaned the skin and, using a cotton swab, treated the skin with cream around the wart.

Then I took the applicator and gently smeared the head of the wart. Beginning to burn skin severely. This burning lasted about 2 hours, but the pain was bearable.

All this time I went about my business and when, after 2 hours, I went to the mirror, I honestly admit that I was scared of what I saw. The place where I applied Super Celandine took on a dark brown hue and swelled. At that moment I realized that the cream needed to be smeared close to the wart, because the product turned out to be very fluid, and despite the fact that I only applied the head of the wart with an applicator, it spread onto healthy unprotected skin.

I had to be patient and wait for the wart to be removed and the skin will heal.

On the second day, to my happiness, the swelling of the skin disappeared, but the dark brown color still remained.

On the third day, the treated area became paler and the healing process began. I started treating this place with De Panthenol.

On day 7, the place where the wart was was more like a healing pimple.

For myself, I made the following conclusion: “Super Celandine” is an effective remedy, but it is necessary to protect healthy skin because it can be very injured.

I hope that my experience with wart removal will be useful to you.

Good luck