Chainsaw grinder attachment

Many people have unnecessary old chains from a chainsaw lying around, from which you can make a kind of milling cutter-nozzle on a grinder for wood processing, needed in the household.

How to make a nozzle from a chain for a grinder?

To do this, around the landing hub of the grinder we measure the necessary chain length.

Using a file, we grind rivets and drill them with a drill or a screwdriver with a drill for metal.

We release the links from each other. We do the same with another rivet to get a short piece of chain of the desired length. Now you need to connect the two ends of the resulting piece of chain to get a small ring. To do this, you can make a kind of rivet from the shaft of the yellow self-tapping screw, since it is made of fairly strong metal.

We fasten it into a screwdriver and grind along the diameter of the hole in the links.

Bite off with pliers.

Insert the rod of the required length into the holes of the chain links and rivet it with a hammer on a piece of iron, if there is no vice or anvil.

The resulting chain ring is inserted into the hub of the grinder, in the same way as the cutting disc is inserted.

In this case, it is necessary to install the ring so that the teeth of the chain are directed in the direction of rotation.

With the help of such an impromptu cutter, you can cut out grooves in a tree, make recesses, chamfer the edges of the bar, and carry out rough grinding.

For example, I tried to make a wooden spoon, and it worked out pretty well for me. For work, I needed a home-made mill, a wooden block, a pencil, a circular saw, straight arms and a little desire.

On a circular saw, I simply cut off the excess, and with the help of my cutter I made a recess for the future spoon and polished everything unnecessary in order to give it a well-known shape.

It turned out, of course, rude, but not the point. I just showed that with this cutter you can quickly process wood. This milling cutter will be especially useful for those who like to make, build a house or just need all kinds of tools by type of activity.

At the same time, safety precautions must be observed not only in the manufacture of this cutter, since for this it is necessary to use several tools, but also when using the cutter itself in work.

A cutter from a homemade chain ring works on a grinder at high speeds and throws away sawdust with wood chips. Therefore, it is necessary to work with gloves and always with protective locksmith glasses!

So, from a chain that has served its term, a new tool is obtained that will bring many benefits to its owner.