Simple trap for small rodents

In a personal house, on a plot of land, pests, mice and rats multiplied? It's time to declare war on them!

Of course, it is easiest to use poison, but rodents quickly get used to it, in addition there is a danger of poisoning pets, birds. Spring traps are also not an option, their productivity is low, at best one rodent per night.

We offer a better solution. A simple but very effective trap! Do it yourself with your own hands quickly, simply and cheaply.

Will be required

You will need a piece of a board, a fine-mesh metal welded mesh, soft and thin wire, a pair of plastic glasses or two empty 0.7-1 liter water bottles. All this is easy to find in the household.


Let's start with the manufacture of valve inlets for the trap. In such a device, the rodent will be able to sneak only one way.

We cut off the bottom of a plastic hard glass. Then cut out the triangles elongated in length from the former bottom towards the top of the glass, about 3/4 of the length. The result is elongated petals. We heat them with a hairdryer or over a gas burner, then collect the petals in a cone and let cool. The result is an inlet-valve, through which the rodent can enter, but there is no way out.

It is even easier to make a valve from a plastic bottle. Cut off the conical part, a kind of funnel is obtained. Cut off her screw neck. We make 7 - 8 straight cuts with scissors. Entering the trap is ready.

From the board, multilayer plywood or a piece of chipboard, we make the floor of the rat trap. Its width should be equal to two valve diameters or half a centimeter more. Approximately 15 - 17 cm. The length is arbitrary, in the region of 30 - 45 cm. The size will depend on the width of the available metal mesh.

We bend the mesh in a U-shape, and fix it with screws or nails to the long sides of the trap floor.

We close one of its ends with a piece of mesh cut into the size of the width and height of the trap. It is advisable to make the back wall easily removable. On the ceiling part of the grid we twist a couple of loops of wire. We fix the lower part of the end wall to the sidewalls with wire twists.

We install both valves in the front of the trap. We fasten them to the base, walls and between each other with hot glue using an electric gun. There should be reasonably many glue points, since rats are quite strong animals.

But there is a more reliable way of fastening - screw the bottom of the valves to the base with screws, and fasten the remaining sides with a thin wire, making holes in the plastic with an awl.

Tighten the top of the front end of the rat trap with a piece of mesh.

Everything, the ambush for predators is ready. It remains to establish a rat prison in a barn, or other room where there are especially many rodents.

We fall into the trap of bait, grain, animal feed, bread.

Pour some bait around.

We observe using a video camera the process of catching animals.

Well, our product has fully justified itself. However, we will not forget that rodents very quickly “learn” from the mistakes of their relatives. After a while, a generation of rats will grow that will not come close to this trap. Have to do a different type of trap.