We increase the efficiency of the trimmer: we change the fishing line to a chain from a chainsaw

Being the owner of a gas trimmer, I drew attention to the fact that the fishing line, even the thickest, does not cope with young shoots (especially there are a lot of it around tree trunks). You can use knives, but they are not suitable for thin grass (and specially wear them to cut a few thick branches frankly laziness), so I found a great alternative solution.

What you need to have on hand

We will need the following tool:

  • Welding machine;

  • Drill, set of drill bits for metal;

  • Vise

  • Marker and ruler.

From materials:

  • Large concave cup used to fix the trimmer knives, flat washer and nut;

  • Old chain from a chainsaw.

Preparatory work: processing the fixing washer

Using a ruler, we mark the diameter of a straight line on a concave washer and clamp it in the grip of one of the markings up.

Previously, it is better to outline the core drilling location so that the drill does not slip. We make the holes on both sides first thin, and then a larger drill - the diameter should be such that the chain passes quietly.

Chain Installation and Attachment

We pass the chain through the holes, laying it on the inner wall of the washer so that it could not interfere with the leading axis of the trimmer.

At this point, it is important to accurately measure the chain length from the ends to the washer. It must be the same and not exceed the permissible size, otherwise the protective cover will be immediately destroyed.

On the inside, securely weld the chain to the washer.

Everything is ready. We put a flat washer on our trimmer axis, our upgraded washer and tighten it with a fixing nut.

Performing the above work, you should not only follow the rules for using the power tool, but also not to neglect personal protective equipment.


The chain is not fishing line - its effectiveness exceeded all expectations! She copes well not only with the shoots around the trees, but also with impassable thickets, including reeds and even thick corn stalks.


As it turned out, the refinement is inherently very simple, and in the presence of everything necessary, it took 10-15 minutes, no more. It is only necessary to have an idea of ​​how to deal with a drill and a welding machine.

Using a chain from a chainsaw not only significantly increased the efficiency of the tool, but also reduced the cost of its maintenance - in any case, I no longer need a fishing line for a trimmer.

Safety comes first!

Do not forget about safety when working with the trimmer! The debris of the bushes fly apart over a long distance and with great force. Use personal protective equipment - a special mask, make sure that there are no people or animals around.

The information is given solely for acquaintance, and not for motivation or motivation for action!