How to refresh an old computer chair in 1 hour

Cheap office chairs quickly become unusable. The upholstery spoils first. It gets dirty, thinner and does not take on a presentable appearance. But hurry to throw a chair in a landfill is not worth it. He can extend his life, and the furniture will last for about a year. If the fabric on the chair looks exactly the same, it needs to be replaced.

To do this, you must:

  • threads and scissors;

  • flat and phillips screwdriver;

  • upholstery material;

  • a piece of chalk.

Getting started with the chair update

It is necessary to remove the back and detach the plastic cover. If there is damage on it, you can seal them with strong double-sided tape inside.

The seat is unscrewed from the legs using screwdrivers. Bolts need to be unscrewed not alternately, but crosswise. This will facilitate the work.

When the legs are disconnected, the plastic is removed.

Now the material is spread on the floor, the parts are superimposed on top. It is better to give preference to a skin substitute. This is an economical and practical option. It will not get dirty as much as the fabric.

In order not to waste time measuring, the back and seat are outlined in chalk.

Now you need to indent so that it is enough to tuck and flash, on the other hand. About 10 - 15 cm.

Patterns are cut out.

The necessary part is placed in the inner contour, the edges of the leatherette are bent. With the help of a long sewing needle and ordinary tailor's threads, the new material is sewn to the old.

When using furniture clips, the work will be significantly reduced in time. In this case, you can tear off the old fabric, and fasten the leather substitute on the plywood part of the chair. If there is no tool, then threads will do.

In some places, especially at the corners, the dermatin forms folds. It is necessary to lay them evenly so that they do not clatter on the front side. Do not tighten the material when sewing. It should be remembered that when a person sits on a chair, the inner lining and upholstery will bend. For reliability, you can flash in a circle two times.

Seat on the back.

Seat on the front side.

Do the same with the second part. Folds and stripes on the material are smoothed out in a day. The chair is going back. If there is a bulging fold somewhere, you can try pushing it under the plastic.

What will be the result:

Now it sits nicely on a clean seat. The furniture again has a decent, neat appearance and is ready to serve for some more time.

Work summary

All work takes about 1 hour in time and a minimum of cash costs. The result is visible immediately.

Photos before and after.