Pork kebab in a pan

Appetizing and juicy kebab can not only diversify the standard menu, but also become an original dish for the festive table. In this recipe, kebab is made from pork, to which fresh lard is added for juiciness and the necessary viscous structure. Parsley, onion and spices are also placed in the mincemeat - they give the kebab a wonderful taste and aroma. Unlike the classic mutton dish, minced pork with lard can be specially not beaten. When cooking in a pan, it holds well on skewers. This process is simple, and the result will surely please you.


Products that you will need:

  • 500 g of pork;

  • fresh lard - 200 g;

  • parsley - 1 medium bunch;

  • 200 g of red onion;

  • 120 g of ordinary onions;

  • 2 tsp hops-suneli;

  • wine vinegar (or ordinary);

  • sugar - 1 tbsp. l;

  • salt;

  • vegetable oil;

  • paprika - 1 tsp;

  • ground black pepper;

  • 1 lemon.

In addition, 7 wooden skewers will be required. These products will make 7 kebabs.

Cooking kebab in a pan

1. Lard and meat are cut into pieces and twisted through large openings of the meat grinder.

2. Put the hops-suneli, paprika, salt (about 1 tsp without a slide) and black pepper into the resulting minced meat.

3. Stuffing is well mixed and cleaned for 20-30 minutes in the refrigerator.

4. During this time, you can prepare other products. Red onions are cut into rings, sugar, salt (1 tsp), 2 tbsp. Are added to it. l wine vinegar and a small pinch of black pepper.

5. All pour 200 g of boiling water and set aside for 20 minutes - marinate. Then the liquid is drained, and the onions are laid out on a plate.

6. The usual onion is cut into small cubes, and chopped parsley.

7. Parsley and onions are combined with minced meat.

8. All mix well.

9. From minced meat on skewers, oblong kebabs are formed, giving them a slightly flattened shape.

10. Then fry the kebab in a pan with vegetable oil, carefully turning over all sides - until a golden crust is formed. It is better to make a medium fire - so that the sides are well-fried, but not burned.

Lula kebabs are ready. Serve products with pickled onions, sprinkling their surface with lemon juice. Bon Appetit!