Get ice? Instantly?

Liquid - sodium acetate, sodium acetate, if in a simple way. Get at home - just spit. Take baking soda and vinegar, and even better - vinegar essence - you will have to evaporate less. Combine them gradually until a neutral reaction occurs, that is, until the hissing stops. There is no need for special accuracy and purity. Evaporate, cool, get a monolithic piece. maybe the solution will still remain on top, if it was not evaporated enough, drain it off. What remains is sodium acetate, or rather, its crystalline hydrate. It’s easy next. Put on fire, your piece melts. Gently pour the transparent melt into another bowl to get rid of sediment and debris at the bottom. Pour the hot melt into a transparent glass, cover it with a dusting cloth to prevent it from freezing prematurely, and cool to room temperature. Liquid is liquid. But it is worth dropping a tiny grain of the same sodium acetate (you can get it from what remains after the drain), as the liquid hardens before our eyes! The composition can be used repeatedly! Good luck!