How to thread a needle without wetting, tools and red tape

I will not say that this is a secret from secrets, but many are not familiar with this simple way. In the classic version, everyone moistens the tip of the thread with saliva and with one eye, aiming, they try to thread the thread into a tiny eye.

The same method is often used by experienced seamstresses, since there is no need to wet anything, spend extra time searching for special devices for threading. Yes, and the method itself can be called fast, if you compare it with the classic, where most of the time is spent trying to aim and miss.

Thread the needle without too much effort

We wrap the needle with a thread and pull it well. We hold the fingers together with the needle so that it is mostly visible.

Then, we pull out the needle and you should get a clamped loop between your clenched fingers.

Now put the needle with the eye on this eyelet and push it, pushing the thread into the needle.

The loop fits almost itself with due dexterity. Next, we pull the coil that went through the eye.

And pull the shorter end of the thread out of the loop. Now the thread is threaded through the needle, which is exactly what we needed.

Here is such a simple way of getting into it, as an option, you can easily take it into service if you did not know about it before.

If the first try did not work out - try again. In the future, everything will be as it should.