Robot bug

To collect a bug you will need:

- 2 small motors of 1.5 volts (can be bought or removed from old toys (see photo).)

- 2 small paper clips

- 2 large paper clips

- 2 AAA or AA batteries - 1 holder for AAA or AA batteries (can be bought or removed from any toys) - 1 2 cm of insulation - 1 wooden ball (used as a wheel) (you can use any other stabilizer, for example by removing a wheel with some old or unnecessary toy)

- 1 meter electric wires

- 2 small SPDT switches (can be bought or removed, for example, from an old computer mouse)

as well as tools:

* soldering iron + a little tin

* the glue gun and the glue stick to it (the glue stick can be melted simply with a soldering iron, but it is recommended. do it with the glue gun)

* nippers (to remove insulation)

and here are all the details


1. email mode wire for 13 pieces of 6cm and remove insulation from them (on both sides) of 1 cm.

2. Solder the wires to each of the components (except the batteries), see the figure.

solder the wire to the baht. holder (blue) (third connection)

3. Turn the battery holder over and stick the switches to it “V-shaped” (see photo)

4. Glue 2 motors between the switches so that the chassis of the motor touches the ground

5. From a large paper clip and a ball we make a stabilizer (a wheel to make it easier to move on the surface)

6. connection

this is how it should look

7. take 2 mal. paper clips and make a mustache for them from a bug

8. carefully glue the mustache to the switches (use a little glue for this, so as not to glue the switch itself)

9. wrap a little insulation on the undercarriage of the motor (for better grip)

10. Insert the batteries

and done!)

It is not very difficult. Itself did recently !!!

The trick is that when he touches an obstacle with his right antennae, then his wheel stops and he turns to the left, and vice versa. (Goes around obstacles)