Hard Drive - Last Chance

Once the time comes, and in spite of all our tricks, the hard drive dies. There are many utilities that allow you to pull data from a half-dead hard drive, but what to do when it stops reading at all. One of these days I had to recall one not new, but interesting, and in some cases the simplest and most effective recipe for the “last attempt” to fetch data from a dead device, which I will remind someone and open to someone as an innovation - these are not the consequences of April Fools madness, despite the unusual approach.

Most recently, on Habré, a way to restore motherboards and video cards by heating was considered. It's the opposite here.

This recipe should be used only when the hard drive really died, and you can’t imagine other ways to restore it.

So here's what you can do as your last attempt at data recovery.

1. Remove your hard drive from the computer. 2. Put the hard drive in a special package for freezing (buy a good expensive package for these purposes, they still have such a fastener). 3. Now put it inside another bag. As in photo No. 1. 4. After that, it must be put in the coldest place of the freezer. 5. Leave it in the refrigerator for 12 hours at least. (See photo No. 2). 6. Now, after cooling, immediately insert it into the computer while it is cold and begin to recover data. Start with the most important data for you. 7. After some time, an error may occur again. When this happens, note for yourself from which point you should continue and repeat the procedure - again a disc in 2 packets and 12 hours of a refrigerator. 8. This procedure should be repeated as many times as necessary to save your data.

Photo 1. Double disc packaging.

Photo 2. Disk in the refrigerator.

Here is such an original way. Explanation to him at school in physics passed. But in general, the most important thing is to make backup copies of your most important data and sleep peacefully and work with pleasure!