Soap bubbler

Necessary materials and tools




thick cardboard (used in the crusts of books and folders, about a millimeter thick),

glue gun,

corrugated cardboard,

sleeve from sticky roller for ikea clothes,

spindle from compact disks,

motor from the player or CD-ROM,

fan 120 * 120 mm,


thin cling film

compass, pencil,

rubber bands for money,

6 bottles with soap bubbles,

4 screws with nuts

Device description

The motor from the player using pasik, the role of which is played by an elastic band for money, rotates the roller of a three-stage gearbox, which in turn rotates the receiving roller, made of two CDs, the gap between which is filled with glue gun glue. The roller rotates the compact disc through the sleeve with plastic rings glued onto it, which, dipping into the bath with the solution, are carried opposite the fan, which blows bubbles. The design can be easily understood from the photo below.

Power supply fan from 12V. motor power from 5V. Both voltages can be taken from the molex connector on the computer's power supply. 12V yellow wire, 5V - red.

Gearbox rollers. made of cardboard, paper clips are used as axes.

Please note - to reduce friction and destruction of cardboard, rotating parts are glued with tape, which prevents the surface of rotation from breaking open.

Machine in operation: