The easiest lightbox

If you want to create something creative, then this article about the manufacture of such a lightbox is especially for you. Go to the store and buy two fluorescent lamps (for those interested, 150 rubles a piece). The rest can be found at home - two stools, a small bench, sheets of A3 paper, a piece of wood, an extension cord, glass from a shelf with books and an unreasonable amount of creativity. Next - a few photo results and a photo of the scene.

and so it is understand how it is arranged. Backlighting through the glass. On the glass as a diffuser is plain paper. On the shortcomings - a little later.

such nice results. In Photoshop, we align a little, remove the ripples that arose from the heterogeneity of the paper. It turns out pretty well.

Glass will also look nice here. In principle, one more problem is visible - the paper is heterogeneous, the light scatters in itself unevenly, with dark and light streaks. In some places it’s possible to avoid this by adjusting the camera (well, or Photoshop, which is already there), but anyway - you need to look for better material. We must try another thin fabric, such as silk.

Highlight from below, expensive whiskey - it looks really good. If you discard the fact that the whole bottle would have looked better. But it doesn’t work anymore, the background sizes are not allowed. Hence the following conclusion - the dimensions of the lightbox need more. Somewhere 70x70 cm, and maybe more.