Invisible bookshelf.

You can add uniqueness to the interior and surprise guests with the help of such a special bookshelf. Absolutely invisible from the outside - it allows you to create a sense of suspended state of objects in the air.

To create this magic with our own hands, we need:

- A book with a beautiful cover - Mount in the form of the letter "L" - Knife - Drill - Screwdriver - PVA glue - Tape measure - Self-tapping screws

Make markings in the center of the book under the mount.

We cut with a knife in the book on the marking to the depth of the corner.

Try on, so that the corner was recessed.

In the cover we make a cutout under the corner so that the book fits snugly against the wall.

Screw the corner to the book with screws.

For general rigidity, we fix the corners of the book with screws.

We coat with PVA glue the top sheet of the book.

We load the glued book with a load and leave it overnight.

We fasten the corner to the wall

The invisible shelf is ready. It remains only to load her books and brag to the guests :)))