How to make waterproof matches

Going on a hike or on a long fishing trip overnight for several days, you need to prepare for bad weather and protect the matches from getting wet. Of course, you can store them in special airtight boxes, but plastic containers are bifurcated in a backpack. I suggest a simple way to make the matches themselves waterproof and light them even after swimming in the river.


  • epoxy resin

  • matches;

  • lacquer zapon.

Match sealing

This method of protecting matches from getting wet is nowhere simpler. To do this, you need an epoxy two-component adhesive. Only resin without a hardener will need to be taken from it. In my case, the product was used in ALTECO 3 TON QUICK tubes, but the rest will be no worse. It is enough to squeeze a small drop of resin on the head of the match.

Epoxy should be rubbed with a finger on the head of the match. There should be little resin, because in the campaign a thick layer will interfere with the contact of sulfur and circus. You have to rub for a long time to remove it.

After making some matches, you should check the ignition, since it is possible that the epoxy adhesive used is not suitable. If after preliminary dipping into the water everything lights up, then you can make a sufficient supply of matches for a trip.

Epoxy makes more reliable sealing of the match head than candle wax, which is also used to impregnate the heads. This method is also simple. You just need to pre-melt the candle and dip the matches into it.

Grater protection

However, epoxy or wax is not enough to be able to ignite matches when getting wet during the campaign. The weakest link is the circus. Cardboard on a matchbox is getting wet. To prevent this from happening, he also needs to be protected. This is made even easier. It is enough to simply immerse the carved teal or a whole empty box in Zapon lacquer for an hour to fill the paper. After that, she gets and dried. In the future, even if you drown such a box, he will still be able to light a match coated with epoxy. Just do not need to impregnate the boxes in Zapone twice for reliability, because then a thick layer of varnish will completely cover the teal.

Matches protected by epoxy can be stacked directly in boxes soaked in varnish. In this form, it’s more convenient and convenient to use them. It is not difficult to upgrade matches using this method, but in damp weather, in the presence of dry kindling, it will be possible to warm up around the fire.