Skype phone from a broken mobile phone

Now probably everyone has a broken mobile phone lying around at home. What to do with it - it’s a pity to throw it out, taking it to the radio market is like throwing it away, in the best case they will give 10 dollars for it, let's give it a second life and make it a phone for Skype (or any other IP telephony).

To work, we need:

1. Broken cell phone

2. Wires from the headphones or microphone (you can the cheapest Chinese)

3. Hands, tools, soldering iron, free time, preferably electrical skills

We open the phone

All models are sorted out differently, it’s hard for me to tell you a poem

We find the speaker in the phone, we find its conclusions and solder the wire that will be connected to the output of the sound card.

It is advisable to solder directly to the speaker (so that the speaker is not connected to the phone board)

We do the same with the microphone.

After everything is soldered, you can connect the phone to the computer and check the slave capacity of our design.

After everything has worked, we remove the wires from the case and collect the phone. The holes for the wires in the plastic case of the mobile phone can be made a heated soldering iron tip.