Superinvention "Free electricity without meter winding

ELECTRICITY FOR FREE (DO NOT COLLECT THE COUNTER) For lighting, powering the TV, refrigerator, other electrical appliances. No need to "improve the electric meter, connect to a neighbor, replace existing electrical appliances - you don’t need to do anything!" A NEW PRINCIPLE OF POWER SUPPLY OF ELECTRIC APPLIANCES IN HOUSEHOLD, In an apartment, electrical appliances are connected to the network in parallel, since U = 220 V and is constant in value, each new inclusion increases the current consumption:

We offer you a new invention. Its essence is that part of the load is fed through a large capacitance C = (10 - 50 μF). When a current passes through a capacitor, a phase shift between current and voltage by 900 occurs. The current in the common circuit will no longer be equal to the sum of the individual currents, but is calculated by the formula:

i.e. less than i? = I1 + I2 + .... In, without capacity C.

You can power lighting, heating devices, Morozko-type refrigerators (without electric motors), new televisions (without a transformer) and other electrical appliances.