Electrophore machine from CD

Electrophore car assembled from compact disks and 2 coolers. It produces about 20, 000 volts, which is limited by the distance of the gaps between the plates of the capacitors of the disk. Photos and assembly description. Easy repeatable device.

I took 2 CD-R discs (it’s easy to clean the media layer from them) and cleaned them of the coating, then degreased them with alcohol. Then, made of aluminum tape, which is used to seal the ventilation, cut sectors and glued them onto the discs (Fig. 1 ). Such tape is not a problem to buy in the construction market. Then he took 2 coolers from the UPS of the computer, although any other can be used, and cut out the engines from them, biting the impeller blades, so as not to interfere with the brushes of the electrophore machine. Disks to the engines are fixed using two-sided tape.

The distance between the disks should be as small as possible, the efficiency of the machine depends on this. The brush holders are made of copper wire d = 1 mm and the brushes themselves are made of stranded wire, MGTF is well suited. Starting the machine .... When the brushes are in the correct order and provided that they touch the plates of the dixes, the machine immediately generates voltage when the engines start. But this will not last long and there will be a gap between the brush and the wafers ... it does not matter. To start, you must either manually press the brushes lightly or charge the disks with an electrified object (for example, a comb).

Proper operation of the machine is characterized by a crack of static electricity and the smell of ozone near the machine's disks. ATTENTION!!! High voltage device! Be careful in using it !

Source: e-kizeev.h18.ru